Lighting the Way is the perfect occasion for family fun while at the same time supporting the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation. Brunch, shows, children’s workshops, dancing, instant prizes and lots of other activities! A fun-filled afternoon that young and old will enjoy! 

A great tropical brunch!

At the most recent tropical brunch, held on November 26, 2017, at the Montreal Science Centre, over 450 guests enjoyed their meal in colourful surroundings. 

Thanks to them and to the event’s many partners, volunteers and donors, the Sainte-Justine Circle raised more than $96,000 (net) for mothers and children at the CHU Sainte-Justine. 

Bravo and thank you for your love of children!

Since 2013, the Sainte-Justine Circle has supported Sainte-Justine’s Centre of Excellence in Neonatology to the tune of $8 million. 

At the moment, 8% of children are born premature in Quebec. Malformations are the leading cause of death among newborns. 

The Centre of Excellence in Neonatology promises to: 

  • Accelerate the pace of new discoveries through clinical research
  • Develop new approaches to personalized care
  • Refine the assessment and knowledge of the impact of treatments, from birth through to adulthood.
Lueur Despoir 2017 Petite Fille
Lueur Despoir 2017 Musiciens En Action
Lueur Despoir 2017 Enfants Aux Ateliers
Lueur Despoir 2017 Personnages De Moana
Lueur Despoir 2017 Enfant Sur Surf Electronique
Lueur Despoir 2017 Enfant Et Fontaine De Chocolat
Lueur Despoir 2017 Enfants Et Maman En Action
Lueur Despoir 2017 Cachou Donne Un Calin Aux Enfants
Lueur Despoir 2017 Equipe De La Fondation Chu Sainte Justine