It’s December. The Tree of Lights is up and ready to light up the night sky for the children and families of Sainte-Justine. Carey Price is officially kicking off the 12th annual campaign today, the day before Giving Tuesday.

For Giving Tuesday, Carey Price is calling on people across Quebec to do even more to brighten up the lives of the children and families who will be spending the holidays in the hospital this year. If the first 50,000 lights on the Tree are twinkling by midnight on Tuesday, an anonymous donor will follow in your generous footsteps and pitch in an extra $50,000. 

As a father, I know that a child’s health is the most precious thing in the world. That’s why I invite you to join me in supporting Sainte-Justine’s Tree of Lights campaign – to help every child grow up healthy.

Carey Price


Long-time campaign partners Rythme and Metro have renewed their commitment to the cause this year. From now until December 12, they will be appealing to Quebecers’ generosity to illuminate the 125,000 beacons of hope on the giant tree in a show of support for the children and families of Sainte-Justine. 

The faces of the Tree of Lights 

For 5-year-old Elliot and his parents, Laurence and Xavier, Sainte-Justine’s Tree of Lights was more meaningful than ever last year. Elliot was admitted to the hospital on December 25 and stayed until January 2 as he battled a fever in response to his chemotherapy treatments. The majestic Tree of Lights helped give them all the strength to get through the ordeal during the holiday season. 

Every light on the Tree reminded us how many people were pulling for us. The lights help make sure our kids get the best possible care and put a sparkle in their eyes. The Tree spreads the magic and joy of the holidays and is a great source of reassurance for young patients and their families who are staying at the hospital at this special time of year.

Laurence and Xavier


Who will be the next Tree of Lights ambassador? In a series of videos that are as giggle-worthy as they are heartwarming, Patrice Bélanger, Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc, Pascal Morrissette and Martin Petit “audition” for the role of the 2019 Tree of Lights ambassador, in front of Guy A Lepage and a committee of children from Sainte-Justine. The videos will premiere on the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation’s social media channels between now and December 12. 

The Tree of Lights Challenge - Episode 1

So many ways to light up the night sky

For the sixth year in a row, Metro is kindly joining forces with Sainte-Justine’s Tree of Lights, once again giving customers the opportunity to make a checkout donation at Metro and Metro Plus grocery stores across the province.

Once again this year, donors will be invited to join the Twinkle Club. For every 10 or more lights they sponsor, MEGATM, part of the Mattel® family, will add five more, up to a total $40,000. 

Sparking hope, together!

The Tree of Lights will grow brighter and brighter as your donations roll in. It will then stay lit up to boost the morale of patients, families and staff who will be spending the holidays at Sainte-Justine. 

Thank you for helping us make children’s lives brighter by sponsoring lights on the Tree for Manolo, Elliot, Kenza and so many others!

Read the press release to find out more.