Life starts here, at Sainte-Justine. Some 1,500 babies come into the world at our hospital each and every year, including over 100 born very preterm. Sainte-Justine is where children draw their first breath, where they sometimes fight for their very survival and where they can get started on a path to a healthier future — all helped by our world-class team of professionals. With your support, Sainte-Justine can be a pillar of strength for families when they need it most.

Just think of all the extra good you can do by giving from the heart as a monthly donor!

Monthly giving is simply the best way to help the families of Sainte-Justine. Which is why Pierre Thabet, one of the Foundation’s generous supporters, wants you to join him in spreading the love and maximizing the power of your gift. Become a monthly donor by March 6, 2021, and your gift will be doubled, dollar for dollar, for the next 12 months. Pierre Thabet will match all new monthly donations for the next year, up to $50,000.



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A Man of Action, A Man of Heart

Pierre Thabet is the president and founder of Boa-Franc, which has been operating in Saint-Georges, in the Beauce region, since 1979. Where he comes from, the measure of a man is not a matter of dollars and cents — it boils down to integrity and the ability to have a positive influence on the people around you. Through both his business and personal endeavours for more than 25 years, Pierre has been generously giving back to health, education and community organizations. Every year, he takes it upon himself to raise awareness about the importance of philanthropy and encourage other business professionals to follow his example.

Pierre Thabet

Pierre believes that for a society to be truly peaceful, its members have to reach out and help the less fortunate. First, because they have the means to make it happen. And second, because it’s the right thing to do.

“How can you turn a blind eye to a child’s illness or condition?” As a father of four and a grandfather of eleven, all of whom are healthy, Pierre knows just how lucky he is. For years, he has opted to support Sainte-Justine to have as much of an impact as possible on families throughout the province. This year, he has pledged $50,000 and hopes his donation will inspire others to give. 

Sainte-Justine serves children and families across Quebec. They offer specialized care and their needs are very real. If your child has a serious illness or injury, the chances they’ll be transferred to Sainte-Justine are high, no matter where you are in the province. And I hope my contribution catches on! I encourage other business owners to do the same. When you donate to a worthy cause, you don’t lose anything. You gain a better, stronger community.

Pierre Thabet

CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation donor

Showing their love for Sainte-Justine

The CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation and Pierre Thabet have teamed up to expand our circle of monthly donors. Monthly donors are absolutely essential to the Foundation’s mission. They are the backbone of our operations, making it possible to maximize our support for Sainte-Justine, no matter what else is going on in the world.

By joining our community of monthly donors, you will be ensuring that the Foundation has access to a steady, reliable source of revenue so it can empower Sainte-Justine to leverage opportunities to create a better future for our children. This option lets you spread your contribution out over the year — and you can change, suspend or cancel your donation at any time.

Thank you for giving from the heart and showing your support for Sainte-Justine every month. ♥



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