It’s better to give than to receive. What parent hasn’t taught their child that lesson? On today, National Philanthropy Day, my admiration goes out to so many of you for living that credo. Because the generosity you show to Sainte-Justine means you are giving the gift of the future to generations to come. And inspiring them to follow in your footsteps.

If the pandemic has made us realize one thing, it’s this: our health is a fragile resource, and it’s up to us to take good care of it.

Thank you for stepping up for Sainte-Justine and honouring this pledge.

A tradition of giving back — in money, time, goods or services or through a legacy donation — is growing in Quebec. The older generation is being inspired by their younger counterparts, an increasing number of whom are embracing the values of community and service, and taking action to build a more equitable and more inclusive world.

And that’s a good thing. The challenges ahead of us in health care are enormous. Society will need people like you and me if it is to continue to grow and flourish.

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Giving means investing our resources and our talents in a wide range of promising ideas and initiatives, like research and innovation. This will help drive economic and social recovery in the coming months and years.

Science has never had such a tangible impact on our day-to-day lives. Funding scientific discoveries needs to continue to be the focus of our philanthropic priorities. Donations are a powerful lever for the future of research. They fuel innovation and ingenuity. They encourage researchers to be bold and to push for better and more effective healthcare solutions.

Without the investments of the past decade and the resulting leaps forward, COVID-19 vaccines would have never been developed and distributed so quickly. It took 18 months. Next time, it may take six. If so, it will be because we believed in our scientists.

The same reasoning applies to pediatric medicine. Research and the opportunities made possible by donors like you are the reason more than 80% of childhood cancers are now curable. Why rare diseases can be diagnosed more quickly and more accurately. Why the advanced technology in our intensive care facilities can save so many more lives. The list goes on and on.

With you to help them, our teams can harness the potential of genomics, artificial intelligence and innovative therapies. And continue to brave new frontiers as they look toward the future with confidence.

I am convinced that building the society of tomorrow is contingent on putting children’s needs front and centre. With your values, your generosity and your trust to guide them in their efforts, Sainte-Justine is poised to make this happen.

When you help children, you’re building a stronger society and a stronger future.

On this, the 15th of November, thank you for coming together and making hope come alive. For today’s children and the adults they will eventually become.

They are our future. Let’s continue to be theirs.

Pierre Boivin

Philanthropist and Corporate Executive

*The remarks expressed in this article reflect the opinion solely of the author and should not be considered as representative of the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation.