Illness never takes a holiday – fortunately, neither does Sainte-Justine. While lockdown restrictions are being lifted across the province, many children like 4-year-old Charlie still need the state-of-the-art care that Sainte-Justine so expertly provides, even in the most extraordinary circumstances.

The Foundation asks you to think about children whose illness won’t be taking a holiday this summer… and give generously. 

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Charlie was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which means the right ventricle does all the pumping. In May 2018, after being struck with a particularly nasty strain of a virus, she had to be airlifted from her native Abitibi to Sainte-Justine. Two years later, Sainte-Justine has become her second home. Here, she has been permanently plugged to an inotropic support that helps her heart contract while she waits for a new organ that could save her life. 

Today, Charlie is about to go home – her real home in Abitibi. Her family is still waiting for a transplant, hoping that research will one day help her and other children access life-changing cardiac treatment. 

For children like Charlie who are waiting for a transplant, research could pave the way to better treatment options. Alleviating the effects caused by a heart defect would considerably improve the outlook for their longer-term development. Your generosity is the key to hoping for a better quality of life for these young patients and their families.

Dr. Gregor Andelfinger

Cardiologist and Clinical Researcher
CHU Sainte-Justine
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Destination: Hope

Our community of supporters continues to grow, but we have yet to reach our target of 50,000 front-line donors to back our medical and research teams. You are vital to offering our children the highest standard of health care, now and in the future. 

At this very moment at Sainte-Justine, families are grappling with a new cancer diagnosis or a relapse. A baby born far too early. The wait and preparation for a critical organ transplant. A life-threatening accident. These children and the professionals who care for them need our help – your help – more than ever.

Please do your part to maintain the insurance policy that is Sainte-Justine and its affiliated research centre. 

This summer, help us make Sainte-Justine a destination of hope and comfort for these families. 

Thank you for your support. ♥

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