This inspiring testimonial comes to us from a couple who earlier this year opted to make arrangements to leave a gift of life insurance to the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation.

We are slowly but surely inching our way toward our retirement years. We were recently talking about our wills with our son, who is a financial advisor. That’s when he told us about the possibility of making a donation through a life insurance policy. Our ears perked up right away.

Giving to charity is something we’ve been doing for a long time. But now that our kids are out of school, we thought we were at the stage of our lives where we should start thinking about what the years ahead have in store.

Thinking about your death when you’re still in your prime isn’t the most cheerful topic, but it’s going to happen to all of us. Turning it into something positive has made things easier and even quite uplifting.


We have supported a number of charities in our community through fundraising and volunteering. Children and health have always been at the top of our list. We know there will always be needs in both of these areas.

After running the numbers with our son, and given that we’re both in good health, we quickly came to the conclusion that a gift of life insurance was a winning solution, not only for us but also for the organizations we have chosen to support. That way, we can leave behind something more later on, for the small price of paying our premiums now.

We have always been grateful for everything we have in life. Lots of people aren’t so lucky. That’s why there are organizations out there who help those who are more vulnerable. We can contribute to them today and keep contributing tomorrow. We are glad to be doing our part.


Roxane and Tony’s children are fully behind their decision, one that lends an altruistic dimension to their parents’ legacy. The whole family is pleased and proud to be making a meaningful contribution to the health of future generations.