Your generosity makes all the difference when it comes to giving children from across the province access to one of the best standards of care in the world. You are the reason the Foundation can keep doing more and doing better for Sainte-Justine, which is why we would like to invite you to join our community of monthly donors — who are among our most treasured allies.

I owe my son’s remission to medical science. My personal experience showed me just how important research really is. Your life can change overnight, and when it does, it is reassuring to know your child is getting the best care. It warms my heart to make a donation every month, at a level that suits my budget.



Marie-Claude is a monthly donor. She is also the proud mother of Elliot. In July 2020, the teams at Sainte-Justine found a germ cell tumour near her son’s lower spine. He was 18 months old. Their life was turned upside down. But Sainte-Justine was there, ready, willing and able to do everything it took to save his life.

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Since then, Marie-Claude has been giving from the heart every month to show her gratitude for the teams who took such good care of her son. They treated him like one of their own. Knowing her monthly contribution will go toward advancing research means the world to her.

Giving monthly: It just makes sense!

For our community of monthly donors, it’s simpler and easier on the pocketbook to make 12 equal payments during the year than one big donation. Opting to give monthly also means you will be approached less often to give, since your contribution will remain active all year-round. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be first in line to hear about the impact of your donations and the achievements made possible because of your support.

When you become a monthly donor, you’ll be spreading the amount you already contribute in the course of a year over 12 equal automated payments. It helps Sainte-Justine by providing a steady source of support. And it’s flexible and hassle-free for you: you can change, pause or cancel your contributions whenever you like.

Charitable giving made convenient

Many of you renew your support for Sainte-Justine from one year to the next. By giving regularly via a monthly donation, you’ll be doing like Guy A Lepage, CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation ambassador, and making sure you don’t forget to support this cause that is so important to you. It’s hands-down the most efficient and effective way to show your generosity, no matter what.

I make a donation every year, without fail. And it’s something I’ll never forget to do. Why? Because my annual donation has become a monthly donation. It gets charged to my credit card automatically. I simply pick the amount that suits me and I don’t give it a second thought.

Guy A Lepage


Monthly donations are processed automatically through your credit card or your bank account, whichever you prefer. And if you ever want to make a change, a quick call to our team is all it takes. Plus, we’ll send you a single receipt for your yearly total in time for tax season.

Help us do even more

Giving monthly is good for you and good for the Foundation. The administrative fees are less than for other fundraising methods. It saves time and money for everyone involved — which can then be reinvested where it counts the most. Together, we can make every donation dollar go even further for Sainte-Justine.

Easier pocketbook
Simpler to manage
Source of support

A enduring impact

Your monthly donations will make sure the Foundation has a stable, predictable source of revenue it can count on. This will then empower Sainte-Justine to continue to drive new breakthroughs, the benefits of which ripple through our entire society, and take full advantage of every opportunity to build a brighter and healthier future for children.

Martine’s niece was born 27 years ago at 23 weeks. Sainte-Justine was there for her. And for her great-nephew Mathieu, who recently underwent leukemia treatment at the hospital.

I have been making monthly donations to the Foundation for 16 years now, out of gratitude for everything they have done for my family. And that’s not about to stop.



Every month, we make a donation in honour of the teams at Sainte-Justine. We know better than anyone else all the good these funds can do. We are pleased and proud to do our part for other children like Nicolas.

Linda and Stamatis


Linda and Stamatis are also monthly donors. It’s their way of thanking the angels who came into their lives in 2019 to save their son, Nicolas, when he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour.

CHU Sainte Justine Nicolas tumeur germinome malin famille
© Geneviève Giguère

By supporting the Foundation with your monthly gift, you will become an invaluable link in the chain of caring that helps take the level of pediatric care at Sainte-Justine to new heights. Like the specialists who watch over their young charges with such care and diligence, your dedication, month after month, will make you a pillar of strength for children across Quebec.

Join our community of monthly donors now and maximize your impact.

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