Supporting Sainte-Justine has a far-reaching impact on a multitude of specialists and contributes to expanding knowledge that is critical to caring for each and every patient. At Sainte-Justine, children and their families are the focal point of a veritable army of healthcare professionals and researchers from every discipline, each of whom is at the pinnacle of their given field. By giving to the Foundation, you are helping them stay at the forefront of pediatric medicine. And now, more than ever before, it is urgent for us to forge ahead.

Arthur was diagnosed with hyperinsulinemia when he was just three months old. This rare genetic disorder, which affects one out of 50,000 babies, means that his body produces too much insulin. His blood sugar levels plummeted. His body, racked with seizures. Condition: critical.

Today, Arthur is one year old. Thanks to the monumental efforts and expert contributions of a throng of pediatricians, surgeons, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, endocrinologists, cardiologists, neurologists, geneticists, ophthalmologists and specialists in nuclear medicine, he is doing much better. His recovery is a huge and rare success story among children born with this condition.

Arthur owes this return to a normal life to this extraordinary band of specialists. But without the generosity of donors like you, who have given them every opportunity to excel and embody the highest standards of pediatric medicine, none of this would have been possible.


For Arthur and so many others, Sainte-Justine needs to be there, now and in the future.

As the world slowly lifts itself out of the global health crisis, it is critical that we redouble our efforts to help children and families struck by illness. Because there’s no denying it: we are in the midst of a true revolution in pediatric medicine.

Genomics, artificial intelligence (AI), targeted therapies: these areas of expertise are already changing how young patients are treated. Precision medicine shows tremendous potential, and the future of our children — and society as a whole — lies in the promise it holds.

Discoveries are emerging at breakneck speed. Stepping up our efforts to continue to offer the very best in care and research to young patients is crucial. We have the power — and the collective responsibility — to transform this level of expertise and knowledge into promising new opportunities.

Our teams are ready, willing and able to make this happen.

And that’s because donors like you have been there for them, with decades upon decades of generosity and unwavering trust.

Opportunity is knocking. And the time to act is now. Being able to fully realize the promise of precision medicine is an absolute necessity. Otherwise, we risk backtracking on the achievements that have been generations in the making.

Where will your donations do the most good?

Our teams know exactly where your generosity will have the greatest impact on the children of today and tomorrow. They are constantly adapting to changing priorities and need your ongoing trust to seize the opportunities that are best poised to transform pediatric health care. With their sights firmly set on the horizon, they will make sure your generosity has the power to change as many lives as possible.

Like in the fast-growing field of artificial intelligence, which is being used to look at disease in a whole light and go places where traditional research never dreamed of going.

Our teams hope to centralize the massive amounts of data already available and get them to “talk.” Their end goal in doing this is to help more patients survive and thrive, to get to the bottom of their condition faster and more accurately, to prevent situations from escalating into emergencies, to mitigate long-term consequences and, ultimately, to reduce the economic burden on the healthcare system.

In the intensive care unit, for example, experts are working to create a database that groups together data from monitors, ventilators, dialysis machines, infusion pumps, lab results and patient records to meticulously reconstruct a patient’s entire health journey.

With AI, this analysis can be used to determine what is happening in a young patient’s body before any outward signs of distress occur. A fever can be a harbinger of septicemia, for example. But powerful algorithms can predict this and alert caregivers several hours before the situation goes from bad to worse.

Your support is critical in taking these approaches to the next level, at every unit within the hospital.

You are also supporting our teams in doing everything they can to make patient care at Sainte-Justine more human. Every year, nearly 82,000 children are seen in our emergency room, and 221,000 in our outpatient clinics.

For many of them, the complex treatments they receive are often accompanied by pain and discomfort. This represents a real challenge for our healthcare teams. Backed by our donors, they will be able to make the most of the existing Tout doux program, by ensuring more professionals are trained to be aware of this issue and by reducing the pain of more children in these situations.

With your support, Sainte-Justine can take part in a Canada-wide initiative on improved approaches to pain management and become a national leader in this field to benefit children from across the province.

Another example of how you will be making a difference is by opening up even more opportunities for experts to develop innovative therapies, specifically through advances in gene and cellular therapy. These leading-edge fields are laying the foundation for future medical breakthroughs aimed at treating children with cancer or a rare disease. And philanthropy is the key to unlocking these amazing new possibilities.

Your generosity, combined with the expertise of the specialists you will be helping to recruit in these fields, will change the lives and rekindle the hopes of families who have been waiting, far too long, for answers.


The power to transform our society lies in your hands. And with great power comes great responsibility.

Because you are there, Sainte-Justine can continue to deliver on its promise to young patients and their families, no matter what. When a child’s illness shakes their world to the core, when answers are slow to come, Sainte-Justine is a much-needed rock to cling to. Not only for families across the province, but also for society as a whole.

Together, we have a pivotal role to play in making sure Sainte-Justine stays at the forefront of these advances.

Donors have always been the key to pushing beyond our limits. For more than a century, Sainte-Justine has relied on the support of a loyal, engaged and dedicated community that believes in work they do and the dreams they have for a healthier future for all children across Quebec.

Everything the teams at Sainte-Justine accomplish inevitably leads to something even bigger. But it takes people like you to give us the impetus to make that happen. Together, we can make dreams come true and fulfill Sainte-Justine’s mission.

For the future of our children. For the betterment of our community.

After all, children may represent a mere 20% of our population, but they’re 100% of our future. And that future starts now.