Ignited by your generosity, the Sainte-Justine Tree of Lights will soon illuminate the night sky for the 14th year in a row. The CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation and partners Rythme and METRO invite you to spark hope for the children, families and teams at Sainte-Justine.

You are lighting the way for families across Quebec

Your donations will empower Sainte-Justine to continue being there for children throughout the province. Not only will you be making life brighter for young patients in the hospital, but your impact will also bring comfort and answers to thousands of families in Quebec, from the Outaouais to Nunavik, from Abitibi-Témiscamingue to the Côte-Nord, and everywhere in between.

Starting today and continuing until December 9, the Tree of Lights will grow brighter and brighter, driven by the generosity of your donations. It will keep shining throughout the month to instil hope in the hearts of patients, families and staff members who will be spending the holidays at the hospital.

CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation ambassador Guy A Lepage, along with Alicia Moffet and Marie-Eve Janvier, will lend their voices to the cause of pediatric health for this 14th annual campaign. They will be reaching out to the public, across all generations, and asking them to do their part for the children of today and tomorrow. The soundtrack for the campaign video is Doux by Jean-Michel Blais, a piece from his latest album, which he has generously made available for the Foundation’s use.

Since November 10, private school students across the province have been working hard to raise funds for Sainte-Justine through the Sainte-Justine Youth Tree of Lights initiative. Their drive and determination have already made more than 85,000 lights shine. Now it’s up to everyone else in the province to step in and light up the rest of the Tree, all the way to the very top.

Juliette can see your lights!

Shany and Marc-André are the proud parents of Juliette, the face of the 14th annual Sainte-Justine Tree of Lights campaign. They are very grateful to have their daughter to celebrate the holidays with this year. Last year, they had no idea whether that would ever happen again.

In October 2020, they were rushing her to the hospital in their hometown of Val-d’Or. She was unresponsive. That’s when they learned the devastating news: a brain hemorrhage triggered by acute lymphoblastic leukemia was putting the life of their eight-year-old daughter in danger. She fell into a coma and was medevacked to Sainte-Justine.

When she woke up in intensive care, Juliette was paralyzed from head to toe. But the hope of keeping her alive was stronger than anything else. Her spirit of determination had her back on her feet within two months, talking, eating, walking and being creative…

Juliette publie header recto
Juliette X Grand Sapin Xpeinture
Juliette X Grand Sapin Xpeinture2
Juliette et papa X Grand Sapin Noel2020
Juliette X Grand Sapin Xhall entree
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Juliette X Grand Sapin X Sainte Justine

The Sainte-Justine Tree of Lights was there for Juliette when she was in the hospital last year. It will be shining again as she goes through treatment in December. You should see her face light up when she gazes at it! It was the inspiration behind her first work of art after her narrow brush with the unthinkable.

Shany, Juliette’s mom

Today, Juliette’s condition is improved, and the Tree of Lights campaign is adding an extra glint to her eye, like it does for all the children at Sainte-Justine. Your support is lighting the way for Juliette. Give today and help build a brighter future for her!

Spark hope for our teams

Not only does the Tree of Lights make life brighter for children and their families, but it also sends a powerful message of support to allt hose who work at Sainte-Justine as they enter and leave the hospital. It gives everyone, from our administrative personnel to our front-line caregivers, a much-needed boost of strength and energy.

I dream of the day I never have to use the words “relapse” or “setback” again. It may seem like wishful thinking, but the latest advances in research are opening the door to this possibility. The hope glimmering in each of the lights on the Tree brings encouragement to families, healthcare workers and researchers alike. It all starts with a dream. Until that dream eventually becomes an objective and that objective eventually becomes a reality.

Thai Hoa Tran, MD

Hematologist/Oncologist, Clinician Scientist and face of the Tree of Lights campaign
CHU Sainte-Justine
© Philippe Richelet

I still remember what it felt like when we took Loïc home, after 291 days in the hospital. It was pure magic: the Tree of Lights stood majestically in front of the hospital, with thousands of twinkling beacons of hope shining for our new life as a family of five — a life we had been waiting for for so long.

Cynthia, Loïc’s mom

Face of the Sainte-Justine Tree of Lights campaign

Making life brighter for children, thanks to our incredible partners

The Sainte-Justine Tree of Lights was originally the brainchild of our partners at Rythme: they envisioned a fundraiser where people would light up a giant tree to support children in the hospital during the holidays. Since the inaugural campaign in 2007, Rythme has been there every year to make the Tree of Lights glow even brighter. This year, our 14th, you can listen in to the live broadcast during the Y’est 4 h quelque part drive-home show on Rythme, Mondays through Thursdays, for the latest lighting-up numbers.

This also marks METRO’s eighth year as a Tree of Lights partner. Through their Metro and Metro Plus stores, customers can give to Sainte-Justine at the checkout. Or they can make an online donation through the grocery chain’s website.

Québec Blue Cross and Habitations Atlas are joining us this year for our signature holiday campaign. In honour of Giving Tuesday, if 200,000 lights are shining on the Tree of Lights by midnight on November 30, they will contribute an extra $50,000 to the Foundation.

And, for the second year in a row, donors who give at treeoflights.org will be invited to join the Twinkle Club. By making 10 or more bulbs on the Tree glow, MEGA®BLOKS, a member of the MattelTM family, will contribute 5 extra lights, up to a campaign total of $40,000.

Jumeau Grand Sapin 2021 3
© Stéphan Ballard, CHU Sainte-Justine
Jumeau Grand Sapin 2021 11
© Stéphan Ballard, CHU Sainte-Justine
Jumeau Grand Sapin 2021 13
© Stéphan Ballard, CHU Sainte-Justine

Join us and be part of this tremendous chain of caring and compassion during the holidays. Together, we can be the light that guides the children and families of Sainte-Justine toward some richly deserved comfort and joy.