Sometimes, things can go awry. An accident, a cancer diagnosis, a premature birth: moments that can change someone’s world forever. On March 12 and 13, all our lives got turned upside down in an instant. Only this time, it’s because of a global pandemic. And to deal with it takes a solid infrastructure and medical teams who are prepared.

Sainte-Justine is always ready to lead the way in an emergency. The fact that we are the designated pediatric hospital for COVID-19 patients speaks volumes about the vital role we play in the community.

Sainte-Justine is here to support them, no matter what the circumstances. And help them move forward.

We can get through this. Together.

Our medical teams are redoubling their efforts to handle the increased number of patients and protect the most vulnerable among them – in addition to providing priority care to all those who need it.

During a crisis, your gift is a vital source of support for the professionals who are pulling out all the stops to respond to the emergency while they continue to take action where it counts the most.

When you donate to help meet Sainte-Justine’s priority needs, you’re partnering with Canada’s largest mother-and-child centre. You’re lending a helping hand during a life-changing situation, whatever it may be.

Chusj Urgence Covid
Sandrine Voizard, emergency nurse at CHU Sainte-Justine

At the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation, the repercussions of the COVID-19 outbreak are significantly hindering our capacity to support Sainte-Justine’s priorities at a time when we are needed so desperately.

The medical situation of the young patients at Sainte-Justine is a reality that won’t change. They and their families, and the professionals who care for them, still need our support – your support. Denying them the help they require is not an option – today, tomorrow or ever.

Sainte-Justine remains the province’s top pediatric hospital for emergency, trauma and intensive care. We change lives every day, during the pandemic and beyond. We treat the most vulnerable infants and the most critical cases in all of Quebec.

While COVID-19 is dominating everyone’s attention, the children and medical teams at Sainte-Justine need us. They need you.

Charlie Et Enya Min

♥ An inpatient since May 2018, Charlie, now four years old, is still waiting for the donor heart that could save her life. Being sick is normal for her. But, fortunately, so is being loved.


♥ James was born at 27 weeks and has been operated on twice since he came into the world. He requires ongoing specialized care from the Sainte-Justine NICU to grow and flourish.

Even in the most extreme circumstances, children across Quebec still need the state-of-the-art care that only Sainte-Justine can provide.

Dr. Caroline Quach-Thanh

Pediatric microbiologist/infectologist and researcher at CHU Sainte-Justine

During the pandemic and beyond, Sainte-Justine is:

  • The designated centre to treat pediatric COVID-19 patients.
  • Quebec’s leading pediatric emergency, trauma and intensive care centre, treating the majority of young accident victims in the province.
  • A supraregional oncology centre, where more than 65% of childhood tumours in Quebec are diagnosed and treated.
  • The province’s top referral pediatric university hospital, where 5 out of 10 children in Quebec who require specialized care are sent for treatment.
  • The only hospital in Quebec to perform pediatric bone marrow transplants and all types of solid organ transplants.
  • The Canada’s largest neonatal care facility, treating 1,500 babies every year, including 130 extremely preterm infants. The mobile neonatal intensive care unit serves some 40 hospitals in Quebec, providing specialized care to roughly 500 newborns every year.

It is paramount that we stand strong and unified in the face of this crisis.

Our children are only 20% of our population, but they are 100% of our future.