Despite the upheaval brought about by COVID-19, the teams at the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation are here for you. Taking a page from the cool-headedness and perseverance of our colleagues at Sainte-Justine, we are working harder than ever to support the mission of those who are caring for children on the front line.

As the designated pediatric centre for COVID-19 patients, Sainte-Justine is once again showing the vital leadership role it plays. And to keep it up, it needs our support – your support – more than ever before.

Our top priority remains the health and well-being of the whole population, and our young patients in particular. That is why we are following the recommendations of our public authorities to the letter. All our employees have been working from home since March 16. We have cancelled or postponed our spring events and we are heeding the government-mandated shutdown, but it is paramount for us to stay in communication with you. Do not hesitate to call us at 514-345-4931 if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you.

Want to lend a hand in these trying times? We have a few suggestions for you!

Become a front-line donor

“You are not alone.” This is the message of solidarity you are sending to the families and teams of Sainte-Justine when you become a front-line donor. The current context requires us all to come together and pitch in. In any way we can. You can be a force for change by being part of a strong, unified community and offering critical support to medical teams when they need it the most.

Become a monthly donor 

By signing up for our monthly donation program, you’ll be helping provide Sainte-Justine with a stable source of funding that works within your own budget.

Become a major donor

If you wish to give a major gift, either as an individual or as a company, and contribute to Sainte-Justine’s long-term sustainability, contact Tiffany Belliardo at extension 7932 or Evelyne Diot at extension 5797. They would be happy to provide you with more details.

Become a legacy donor

Are you looking for a way to leave a special mark on the world in your will? Contact Nathalie Gagnon at extension 6749 or Nicole Brunet at extension 6965 to learn more about the various types of planned giving available to you.

Organize a fundraiser

If you wish to raise money for Sainte-Justine, call Catherine Rabret-Laporte at extension 3993 or Marie Brunet at extension 4014.

Give to one of our academic funds

Are you a physician working at Sainte-Justine?

For more information on our academic funds, contact Véronique Papineau at extension 6277 or Sabrina Métayer at extension 2763.

Are you sitting down to write out a cheque? We are very grateful for your generosity, but we invite you to consider making an online donation instead.

Note that all our spring fundraisers have either been cancelled or postponed. Any questions in this regard can be directed to Myriam Sénécal at extension 3419.

For more information about COVID-19, please see the FAQs on the Sainte-Justine website.

Last but certainly not least: thank you! Your unwavering support for Sainte-Justine has always made a tremendous difference but, in the midst of this pandemic, your commitment is more crucial than ever. Thanks to you, our teams are ready to face this unprecedented challenge.

We can get through this. Together.