Help transform the lives of Quebec children and families. Join the extended Sainte-Justine family by becoming involved in your own way.

Set up an online fundraiser

Celebrating a birthday or anniversary? Want to remember a loved one or acknowledge a health-care professional who made a difference? Set up a personalized Web page to enable everyone you know to donate to your cause online, for the benefit of the families of the CHU Sainte-Justine!

Support an online fundraiser

Want to encourage your friends, relatives and coworkers in their fundraising for the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation? Make a donation and become one of those big-hearted people whose generosity gives hope to Quebec families!

Create a fundraising campaign on Facebook

You can now raise funds for the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation directly on Facebook. A simple and quick alternative to mobilize your community.

Organize a benefit event

Want to join a cause that means a great deal to you? Want to make a significant contribution to developing a healthier future? Organize an event to benefit Quebec families and children.


Start by surrounding yourself with enthusiastic, receptive and willing people. An engaged, motivated organizing committee is the key to success!

Then you can brainstorm with them to decide on your event. The possibilities are endless: parties, galas, dinners, tournaments, family activities, etc.

To combine success and pleasure, opt for a project that suits the availability, skills and interests of all the members of your committee.

Plan your event in detail:

  • Date, time and location: The basics!
  • Fundraising goal: Realistic and measurable
  • Target audience: Who is your event for?
  • Budget: Lower expenses = more $ for the cause
  • Promotion: Advertising, posters, leaflets, social media, etc.

* Please consult our brand usage guidelines to ensure that your promotional tools comply with the policies in effect. We would be happy to provide guidance in case of any questions.

And then all you have to do is submit your benefit event proposal to our team!