Grow beyond what we know to unlock the mysteries of young brains

Human brain development begins in pregnancy and continues throughout life, particularly during childhood and adolescence. These periods are the most crucial for preventing and treating mental health and neurodevelopmental disorders.

By supporting the teams at Sainte-Justine, you give children and families every opportunity for early preventive care, wherever they are in Quebec. And in so doing, you transform their quality of life, now and in the future.

“Neurodevelopmental disorders and mental illnesses affect around 17% of children and adolescents in Quebec. This is a major social issue. Knowing more about the origins of these problems – and about the way these problems unfold over time – is very useful in guiding our prevention and intervention strategies. For example, knowing how and when we can prevent future problems with cognitive and mental health would enable us to take preventive actions as early as during pregnancy and infancy, the key periods of brain development.”
Pr Tomas Paus Neuroscientist and researcher

Your generosity has an impact

Improved access to child psychiatry expertise for families across Quebec 

Demand for access to mental health care is growing among children and adolescents. There is an urgent need to respond to this clientele, particularly those from outside Montreal, who have limited access to mental health resources.

Thus, your generosity enables a wider range of families to benefit from Sainte-Justine’s expertise by:

  • Transferring knowledge throughout the healthcare network, via various telemedicine and telecare initiatives;
  • Offering a care environment meeting the highest standards of modernity and humanization, fully adapted to children’s needs.

Phenomenal advances in medical imaging allowing a finer understanding of children’s brains  

Thanks to you, these advances will be within the reach of caregivers across Quebec. By making it possible to observe in detail the mechanisms behind many brain disorders, these advances open the door to intervention strategies of unparalleled precision and effectiveness.

Exchanges and collaboration between researchers worldwide

Your generosity will enable closer collaboration between all neurodevelopment experts, to deploy the full potential of scientific research.

This new closeness between researchers working on similar subjects will accelerate the advancement of knowledge about the brain and the development of innovative strategies for precision care.