Grow Beyond with expecting mothers   

Every year in Quebec, 9% of children are born prematurely, and 3% with a congenital malformation or neonatal condition requiring specialized care. In addition, 8,000 pregnancies present a serious risk of complications for the mother and/or child.

Sainte-Justine has unique expertise in Quebec in caring for mothers with high-risk pregnancies and newborns requiring the most care. With its major role in prevention and pediatric care, Sainte-Justine has a duty to remain at the forefront of advances in maternal-fetal health.

Your donations give Sainte-Justine the means to do so.

« A child’s future is determined from the moment of conception, by the health of the mother and father, by the intra-uterine environment and by the conditions surrounding birth and the first days of life. This perinatal period is crucial to ensuring a healthy life. »
Dre Caroline Quach-Thanh Pédiatrician, infectious disease microbiologist

Your generosity has an impact  

Early diagnosis, often during pregnancy   

Thanks to you, the Sainte-Justine teams offer exceptional support to mothers and their babies, at a fragile and critical time in their lives. They bring new preventive methods and extremely precise treatments to their bedsides.

Thanks to you::  

  • Experts will be able to use ever more advanced methods to manage at-risk newborns;
  • They will have a better understanding of the impact of pregnancy and birth complications on child development.

Better prevention and more effective treatment of congenital infections

Certain infectious diseases are associated with a high risk of complications when contracted by infants. Sometimes, they are transmitted to them by their mother during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding. These are known as congenital infections.

Worldwide, thousands of children are born each year with the after-effects of congenital infections, for lack of sufficiently early diagnosis.

Your generosity enables our teams to take more preventive action, so that babies can have a healthy start in life.

Increased preparedness for a future pandemic  

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the major impact that infectious diseases can have on individual and collective health. It has also reminded us of the importance of monitoring emerging infectious diseases.

Your support will be crucial in helping our teams to do just that. It will enable us to study the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of new pathogens, or old ones that have resurfaced, and could have a major impact on pregnant women and their babies.