Grow Beyond conventional therapies to challenge the status quo

Every year in Quebec, some 350 children are diagnosed with cancer. While 80% are cured, 1 in 5 still come up against the limits of medical science.

For these children, transformative new treatments promise to emerge thanks to the lightning evolution of medical science and technology. At the same time, current approaches to care will continue to be humanized and personalized.

“Revolutionary technologies such as genomics, gene editing, stem cell manipulation, small molecule library screening and artificial intelligence hold great promise. They pave the way for the development of new treatments that will transform the care offered to children with cancer.”
Dr Jacques Michaud Director of the CHU Sainte-Justine Research Centre

Your generosity has an impact

Going beyond conventional therapies

Current advances in genomics, cell and molecular biology, pharmacology and immunotherapy, among others, are evolving extremely rapidly. Substantial investment is needed to continue to unlock their immense potential.

Thanks to you, they will be able to use cutting-edge knowledge and medical technologies to limit side-effects of treatments and tackle the 20% of pediatric cancers that still resist to current therapies.

You enable our teams to see further ahead, today. And thus, to cure more children.

Recruitment of star researchers

Where there’s cutting-edge knowledge, there’s also cutting-edge brains. As the oncology centre responsible for diagnosing over 65% of pediatric cancers in Quebec, Sainte-Justine has a duty to attract the best researchers in the world.

Your generosity makes it easier to recruit experts by:

  • Allowing Sainte-Justine to remain a world leader in the scientific community;
  • Consolidating the expertise of our pediatric oncology teams;
  • Transforming the health and future of children across Quebec.

Great care for every child and every family

Growing beyond for children with cancer means not only transforming treatments, but also transforming ways of caring.

Personalizing a treatment approach requires as much work as its proven positive impacts on human health. Your support will help us offer it to every child.

Thanks to you, children and their families will also benefit from ultra-modern care environments, ever more carefully thought out and adapted to their specific needs.

Finally, with a shift to outpatient care that avoids prolonged hospitalization as much as possible, young patients will be able to continue their treatment at home to a greater extent. And that, too, will be thanks to donors like you.