Grow Beyond current limits to increase chances of survival and recovery

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all treatment that meets the needs of an average number of individuals.

Increasingly, extraordinary advances in genomics, new technologies, massive data and artificial intelligence are enabling caregivers to tailor approaches to the physical, psychological and socio-economic particularities of each child, wherever he or she may be in Quebec.

« Advances in precision health are making it possible to achieve revolutionary therapeutic breakthroughs. All areas of pediatrics, and ultimately children’s lives, will be transformed by its potential.»
Dr Jacques Michaud Director of the CHU Sainte-Justine Research Centre

Your generosity has an impact 

More patients saved and cured thanks to artificial intelligence

Your generosity will enable the full deployment of artificial intelligence in the service of healthcare, paving the way for ultra-precise surgical techniques and innovative prevention methods in emergency situations.

For example, thanks to the refinement of decision-making in critical situations, we’ll soon be able to take charge of a child’s respiratory distress even before the first symptoms appear!

Treatments better adapted to each child’s needs thanks to the power of data

With your input, and thanks to the cross-referencing of an imposing volume of data, every patient will be assured, at every moment, of receiving the treatment best suited to his or her precise condition.

More, and richer, exchanges between the world’s top researchers  

Exchanges between scientists from the four corners of the globe will be facilitated by the implementation of a high-level IT structure enabling the sharing of massive data. The result: rich exchanges and discoveries multiplied by science in continuous movement.