Growing Beyond what we thought was possible

We have great ambitions for the future of Quebec children and that of society as a whole. We believe that together, we can transform their health and the course of their lives, for good.


The number of donors who contributed to our successful Healing More Better campaign.


The total revenue generated since the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation was created in 1987.

16 %

(five-year average)
The Foundation’s ratio of administrative expenses to total revenue.

Patron, ambassador and friends of the Foundation

Our patron, our ambassador, and the Friends of the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation are dedicated advocates for our cause. They support us by mobilizing their networks and committing to doing more for the sake of children.

Guy A. Lepage, a kid in his arm

A dedicated business community

Board of directors

Our board members share our extraordinary ambitions and are determined to reach new heights to benefit Quebec mothers, families, and children. Get to know these champions of a healthier future.

L’élan pour Sainte-Justine

L’élan pour Sainte-Justine is a committee reporting to the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation’s Board of Directors. As a pillar of our university hospital centre for 25 years, the committee works hard to ensure that children and families from all over Quebec receive the very best in pediatric care. 

kids lying in a circle

Our management team

Day after day, the Foundation’s management personnel work hard to mobilize our teams and make Sainte-Justine a sustainable institution with the ability to transform the lives of Quebec mothers and children. See who they are.

Join the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation team

Our employees and volunteers are essential to the achievement of our mission. Their commitment allows us to continually innovate and grow beyond for families throughout Quebec.

Group photo of diversified employees