February, the month of love and friendship, is the perfect time for Sainte-Justine’s Mois des Câlins (Hug Month) campaign. Every year, Quebecers lend their support to this wonderful initiative of the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation, in partnership with Jean Coutu, Rythme FM and Clarins. By purchasing Clarins “Rose Câlins” Lip Perfectors, sold exclusively for the occasion, the community helps provide mothers and children at Sainte-Justine with the best possible care.

Giving new hope to hundreds of families

Since 2007, an immense wave of love for the mothers and children of the CHU Sainte-Justine has been sweeping over all of Quebec during the Mois des Câlins (Hug Month). 

Thanks to the unconditional support of Quebecers and loyal campaign partners Jean Coutu, Rythme FM and Clarins, close to $4 million has been raised since the very first Mois des Câlins (Hug Month) to assist Sainte-Justine with its many priority projects, such as purchasing essential equipment and funding the research centre. This sure sign of confidence gives Sainte-Justine’s teams the opportunity to set their sights higher and surpass themselves for the health of Quebec mothers and children.

Embrace the cause for children with neurodevelopmental disorders

All the Hug Month funds raised during our Healing More Better campaign (2013-2018) were earmarked for Sainte-Justine’s Integrated Centre for Child Neurodevelopment (CIRENE), the only project of its kind in North America and an essential one for the future of our children in Quebec. 

The campaign raised $2.3 million to give an ever-increasing number of children quick access to screening and early diagnosis of various neurological disorders, such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit disorder and intellectual disabilities. As a result, those children can start to receive treatment suited to their condition, improving their education, social inclusion and general well-being.

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