For 17 years now, Quebecers have been lending their heartfelt support to the Mois des Câlins campaign, an initiative of the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation, in partnership with Jean Coutu, Clarins and Rythme. By purchasing limited-edition Clarins “Rose Câlins” Lip Perfectors, sold exclusively at Jean Coutu, the community help provide the mothers-to-be and children of Sainte-Justine with the best possible care.

Giving new hope to thousands of families ♥

Since 2006, an immense wave of love for the mothers-to-be and children of Sainte-Justine has swept across Quebec every year during the Mois des Câlins. Quebecers are invited to step up once again this year to support Sainte-Justine, Quebec's leading pediatric hospital.

Thanks to this unconditional public support and our loyal campaign partners, Rythme, Jean Coutu and Clarins, close to $6 million has been raised since the very first Mois des Câlins to enable Sainte-Justine to make the most of every opportunity to advance pediatric care, now and in the future. This empowers teams across the institution to set their sights higher as they work to continuously improve the health of mothers-to-be and children around the province.

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Reaching out to children and families at Sainte-Justine and to young rehab patients

In addition to helping ensure Sainte-Justine can continue to provide the highest standard of care, the proceeds from this 17th annual campaign also support initiatives designed to humanize services at the CHU Sainte-Justine’s Marie Enfant Rehabilitation Centre (CRME).

The CRME is the only facility in Quebec dedicated exclusively to pediatric rehabilitation and is widely considered to be a leader in this field in Canada. The Centre treats 5,000 children from across the province for a wide variety of locomotor and speech impairments. Its mission is to help young patients develop their capacities, optimize their independence and acquire skills essential to daily living by providing them with ultra-specialized adaptation, rehabilitation and social integration services.

Rehabilitation equipment and treatments are selected based on the specific needs of each patient and their family in order to increase their potential for leading an active life and integrating into society in both the academic, recreational and professional spheres.

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Dessine-moi un câlin contest (Draw a Hug!)

Every year, budding artists aged 5 to 12 from across the province are invited to submit their drawings and show how much they care for the children and families of Sainte-Justine. In addition to the honour of having their artwork featured on the Clarins “Rose Câlins” Lip Perfector packaging during the following year’s campaign, the winner was awarded a $1,000 gift card to a book and toy store (or the equivalent).