Building on the extraordinary momentum of the first annual event in 2020, the Sainte-Justine Youth Tree of Lights is an opportunity for private schools in Quebec to shine the spotlight on their commitment to the Sainte-Justine community and the young patients it serves. Because there is nothing more powerful than youth helping youth.

2020: Spectacular Campaign, Spectacular Results

Our youth helped make the 2020 Tree of Lights shine like never before, proving unequivocally that if you can dream it, you can do it. With your help, students made 108,946 lights glisten on the Tree, double the original campaign goal. That translated to $544,730 in donations, representing an unprecedented outpouring of kindness and goodwill.

2021: The Next Level

Campaign Dates: November 10–28, 2021

Our ambitions for 2021 are bigger and brighter than ever. The potential for the Youth Tree of Lights campaign is tremendous. We are looking to recruit more schools to expand the movement and increase the impact on Sainte-Justine. In November, your support can make a world of difference in warming the hearts of the families of Sainte-Justine through this initiative.

Why Team Up with the Sainte-Justine Youth Tree of Lights?

  • To get your community to step up and support Quebec’s premier pediatric hospital
  • To take advantage of significant media exposure and province-wide visibility
  • To maximize the philanthropic impact of your efforts through an all-online, turnkey fundraiser
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Together, we did so much more than light up the bottom of the Sainte-Justine Tree of Lights. We gave participating students the opportunity to feel that warm glow that comes with giving to others. And we brought together Quebec’s private school community to support a cause we all care deeply about: children’s health.

Luc Plante

Chair of the Steering Committee
Former Director General, Collège d’Anjou

With you, we aim to:

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Private Schools in Quebec: There for Sainte-Justine Since 2008

With more than $7 million raised over a 12-year-period, the province’s private schools have been the driving force behind the single-largest charitable movement benefiting the children of Sainte-Justine. During this time, and thanks to your encouragement, the Sainte-Justine Private Schools Youth Challenge built on the already strong ties between your students and Sainte-Justine.

This movement took on a new form in 2020, teaming up with the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation’s Tree of Lights, its largest annual campaign. This coming November, Quebec’s private school community will once again be invited to step up for the patients, families and staff who will be spending the holidays in the hospital. This groundswell of generosity and spirit of togetherness will undoubtedly put a twinkle in their eye at this special time of year.

By reaching out to people they know and asking them to help light up the Tree in exchange for a donation of $5 per bulb, students will be kicking off the signature annual year-end campaign and making the bottom of the Tree of Lights shine.

Your school’s involvement in the campaign will give your students the chance to contribute to something meaningful and feel a sense of accomplishment. The impact of their generosity and the generosity of their peers will be unveiled at a grand ceremony during the Tree of Lights launch.

Through the Sainte-Justine Youth Tree of Lights, Quebec’s family of private schools can reaffirm our support for Sainte-Justine and highlight the values we hold dear — determination, creativity and excellence.

David Bowles

President of the Federation of Private Educational Institutions (FEEP)
Director General, Collège Carles-Lemoyne

For the second year in a row, we hope to see a wave of generosity sweep across the entire province in support of Sainte-Justine. With your help, we can make it happen!

When our youth shine, our entire society shines. With their support — and yours, the Tree of Lights will once again be a beacon of hope for Sainte-Justine.

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