You can now raise funds for the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation directly on Facebook.

How are the funds transferred to the Foundation?

In Canada, Facebook uses PayPal Giving Fund Canada as a secure intermediary for all transactions. All donations received through Facebook will be transferred to us within a 45-day period. 

Does the recipient organization receive 100% of the funds raised, or do part of the proceeds go to Facebook?

Facebook has pledged not to withhold any proceeds from fundraisers for non-profit organizations and to forward all of the donations received to the designated charity (in this case, the Foundation).

For personal fundraising efforts on Facebook, fees vary depending on the country of residence of the event creator. In Canada, this works out to 2.60% + $0.30 per donation.

Will donors get a receipt?

Electronic tax receipts will be issued directly by PayPal Giving Fund Canada and sent to the email address linked to your Facebook account. 

Will the Foundation have access to my donors’ personal information?

As it currently stands, the Foundation does not have access to any information on Facebook fundraising campaign donors.

Will the Foundation acknowledge my fundraising efforts or the fundraising efforts of my donors with a thank-you letter or email?

Because we do not currently have access to all the information on donors and fundraising organizers via Facebook, we have no way of thanking those involved. 

How are donations used?

Our mission is to support Sainte-Justine in its patient care, research and teaching activities to ensure that the children and mothers-to-be of today and tomorrow have access to one of the highest levels of health care in the world. 

By giving to the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation, you will be helping to move medical science forward, bring breakthroughs to a patient’s bedside more quickly and support our teams of healthcare professionals in their commitment to excellence. 

Can Facebook donations be directed to a specific fund or fundraising page?

For the moment, it is not possible to create a Facebook fundraiser for a specific fund or fundraising page

What is the difference between Facebook and the Foundation’s own platform when it comes to raising funds?

Facebook fundraisers are a good alternative if this is your only fundraising platform. It lets you engage all of your Facebook friends with a minimum of effort. 

There are, however, a number of limitations you should know about before creating your Facebook fundraiser. Funds are forwarded to us within a 45-day period and cannot be earmarked for a specific fund or fundraising event. It is also impossible for us to track fundraising progress, communicate with donors or offer personalized support. 

For more information, you can also visit the Facebook fundraiser and donation help page.

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