Every year, many people decide to help build a healthier future by including Sainte-Justine in their will or their life insurance policy. When they do, they automatically become members of our Future Fund.

Much more than financial support, their gesture is one of confidence and hope for the thousands of families of tomorrow who will be cared for at Sainte-Justine. It inspires future generations and raises philanthropy to heights as high as those we aim for, always for the wellbeing of our patients.

The Jardin Céleste

To salute the loyalty and exceptional commitment of the men and women who have chosen to pass on their values as a legacy to ensure the sustainability of Sainte-Justine: such is the goal of our Jardin Céleste. It is a magnificent and serene place, erected in an indoor garden of the new Special Care Unit.

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Jardin Celeste Rsz Img 0041
Jardin Celeste Rsz Img 0188

Accessible from level 1 of the Atrium, its gigantic tree, with foliage falling from the sky, makes the space sparkle with multiple colours.